Do your job

“Your job here on this planet is to love and honor yourself.

To embrace the wild, amazing truth that is you and to dance in your fire song. Your purpose is to be the undiluted passion of your spirit.

The more you love yourself, and I mean REALLY love and respect yourself, the less you care about what other people think of you.

You also don’t fall into the same trappings as before with people that are not healthy for you.

You say “I love myself more than this” and you walk away, with your head held high to all of the beautiful and amazing adventures that await you.

So love yourself. Be selfish.

Give yourself a deep bow of reverence.

Decorate the sacred altar of yourself with love, respect and praise.

Dance and sing in honor of all that you are.

Place flower petals where you walk and anoint your brow as divine.

Because YOU ARE BORN DESERVING. Know that.”

© Ara

Credit: The Goddess Circle

photo credit: jana and the surf via photopin (license)