Only kindness matters

Only kindness matters

In most classes, I like to begin and end practice with a tidbit of wisdom. There’s like a bajillion pieces of mind-blowing Dharma to share. Tradition of yoga practice is thousands of years old, that’s a lot of great minds to pick from. And, it will continue with us – it is not something that once was, it is – and continues to be.

My favorite meditation mantra right now aims to extend metta, loving-kindness, to ourselves, to our community, to a specific person, to the world and to all things. It’s fun, it’s like a pick your own adventure – except you pick who you’d like to send loving kindness to.

This past week in class we used this mantra:

May I be safe

May I be happy

May I be healthy

May I live with ease


May you be safe

May you be happy

May you be healthy

May you live with ease


May we be safe

May we be happy

May we be healthy

May we live with ease


Using this mantra in our physical practice (asana) of yoga we stay within our alignment (safe). We bring a smile and pleasant expression (happy). We move our asanas (healthy). And we bring lightness on our mat in our mindful movement and placement of limbs (living with ease).

Using this mantra for ourselves, off of our mat we listen to our gut and our truth, our satya (safe). We use lightness, kindness and non-harming behavior (happy). We take care of our body, mind and spirit (healthy). And we aim to be light by letting go of attachments that no longer serve us (living with ease).

Using this mantra to send this meta loving kindness to others, we wish others to stay out of harms way (safe). We wish them loving kindness toward themselves and others (happy). We wish them to have the power to make the best decisions for their mind, body, and spirit (health). And we wish for them to just be with lightness (living with ease.)


Who would you send meta of loving kindness to?

Sit still, close your eyes and repeat all of those mantras to yourself. Tada, you’re meditating 🙂

Try it here. She may be a little more intense than I with the flute and stuff in the background, but it’s effective 🙂