Farmhouse love

I have a thing for farm houses.

I grew up running the halls, and falling down the narrow staircase, of a homestead in Newmarket, New Hampshire for my entire life. My extended family has lived in this house for 300-something years and the attic is a treasure trove. Nose around in the barn, “little barn” or “slaughter house” (another timber-framed building on the property) long enough and you’re bound to find antiques the Road Show addicts would drool over.

But, it’s the love that fills the 4 walls that is most impressive. Love isn’t always pretty, it isn’t always calm and thoughtful, it isn’t always easy and it isn’t always recognized. It’s a home of many hugs, many laughs and many tears.

It’s no wonder much of my inspiration for Homemade Happiness comes directly from discoveries in that home.

I’ve been perusing the internet, in love with farmhouse style. Crisp colors, designs and molding combined with cozy textiles, uneven-textured floors, and a sense of resiliency any young adult needs lend themselves well to my style, and lifestyle. Take a peek below at a few of my favorites.